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This blog is boring today. I would like to explain the basic principal behind some of the narratological elements I’ll be examining. This ends up just being definitions and possibly justification, with very little application. It’s more about understanding what … Continue reading

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How The Race Was Won

At the suggestion of a colleague, I started this blog to help write my masters thesis. It’s been awhile since I have written extensively in english, so hopefully this will help develop a solid style and serve as an outlet for less formal ideas.

What is this blog about? In laymans terms, I’m interested in the way that cycling is portrayed in journalism. No, I’m not a journalist, nor does journalism interest me. But, I started reading French cycling news to help me learn French, and it worked, and I like to ride my bike, and I like to watch bike races. Combined with my love of literature, which now days manifests itsself in mostly narratological studies, I decided to write about the literature of cycling. Thus, The story of cycling.

I see on the internet blogs such as Cosmo Catalano’s “how the race was won”

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